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He's monetized gaming for 19+ years, has been an early adopter in the 
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DEEP DIVE: Axie Infinity The Ultimate Play-To-Earn Game:

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  • See how Some People Make an extra $300-$500 a week by buying and selling Axie's and other NFT's - See Case studies  on January 6th.
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Learn During Corey's Play to Earn Master Class

Take advantage of Corey's Vision & Master teachings, he bought bitcoin when it was $10, worked on Ethereum virtual machines and has earned money in online gaming for 19+ years... A gaming oracle with a master's in Economics!  See him on February 17th, 2022 as he donates his timeslot to PHAME inc.

Our Master Class Have Helped People Like You Earn Thousands:

Corey was Great, his mentorship allowed me to really grasp markets like Axie infinity. I used to be an architect, now I'm a full in crypto guy. Play to earn changed my life -Thanks Corey!

Jess Javier

I'm a mom of three, it's hard to get extra time to do anything in the day, Corey's coaching on NFT's, Gaming & Crypto gave me something profitable to do in the wee hours of the morning. It's as fun or as serious as you want to make it.

Aimee Tharp

Corey was great at teaching me the rules for success in Axie Infinity, made it so simple to understand!

Steve Cloutier

I moved to Edmonton and was looking for something to invest in, I got coaching from Corey. This opened my eyes to passive investment streams in the NFT and crypto world. It's been awesome so far. I was skeptical at first, but this shit really works. People with open minds are often rewarded more.

Taylor Jones

I have lots of things going on, and I wanted to add one more to my portfolio, Corey shows me the latest, greatest, and most profitable moves to make not just in Axie infinity but my entire crypto holdings. I just keep taking his advice, I have no time to research this. Working really well so far!

Ryan Petrin

I just became a dad. Corey has taught me how to make enough money to make things awesome.

Derek Reinders

What's included with this FREE training?

 4 Areas of NFT-games & how to make the most profit
 Where to test Axie Infinity before you go all in
INSIDER SECRET: Learn the source- like a magic eight ball, it shows the next crypto trends months before they happen
FREE MasterClass: See how Players can make
$3,000 - $12,000 every Week With NFT Games.
Learn Insider Secrets on Axie Infinity, and how to profit in the NEW play to earn market.
This Free 1 hour online course (Only on February 17th, 2022) will teach you how to avoid critical mistakes and jump-start you to profit in the NFT Gaming Area with these 5 core hacks never revealed before!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Play-to-earn?
Play to earn is the revolution of NFT gaming, you can earn enough rewards to a) subsidize your living or b) gain financial freedom.

What Will I learn?
This time you will learn about Nft Games, A deep dive into Axie Infinity & how to profit, and some of the latest developments in CRypto currency from Corey who is so visionary that he mined Bitcoin when it was $10
Will there be a replay?
This has not been confirmed yet, please attend the live event.

Do I need an Investment?
Its not mandatory, If you do, you can increase your earning potential exponentially.

Do you teach about Crypto, Bitcoin & NFT’s?
The Focus is on NFT gaming especially Axie Infinity and strategies to earn residual income. We will also talk about the exploding NFT market and new insider innovations in crypto.

Is this Live or Online?
This is an online, Live event, This only happens annually.

Should I take notes?
Absolutely! There is highly actionable content.

Can I bring A friend?
Yes! You can share this with a friend!

How much money can I make?
It depends on how long you ar ewilling to play or what part of NFT's interests you the most (active or passive).  Some of our current members earn between $300 and $2500 in their first month, you can exponentialize this if you stick with Corey's blueprint and earn $3,000 to $12,000 every week after you learn the core principles.

What's the minimum I can make?
This really depends on you, we find that the minimum amount our students earn that actively participate  is usually $200-$300.  Again these results completely depend on how well you follow instructions and your effort.  Take the short course and see what your gaming skills can achieve.  This is a movement, you need to be part of to appreciate it.

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